Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Missing Blog Posts

I know, I know. No posts in forever. "Where are the pictures from Lily's first Christmas?", "What's going on over there?" you say.

I'm getting there. The pictures will come, promise :)

Honestly, I have been trying to figure out why I'm not blogging as much. It puzzles me. But I think the reason that posts have become fewer and far-between is because Lily is getting bigger, stronger, more active, and more demanding of my attention. Especially the last one.

I do have a plan, have been working on it for a while, but it has yet to be implemented. I will explain all when it does get implemented, which should be SOON, and trust me I am ready for it to get started :)

PS-The only reason I managed to type this is because Lily has been occupied with a laundry basket for the last 15 minutes. A miracle.

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rosedel said...

Just hanging out waiting for an update. :)