Friday, December 2, 2011

Five Month Home-iversary!

Today Lily has been home for five months! In the last month we have seen some amazing changes in her. She has learned to:

  • Climb onto chairs, turn around, and sit down in them
  • Clap her hands!
  • Put toys onto shelves or chairs to play with them
  • Climb out of her exersaucer
  • Walk a couple steps holding on to just one of our hands
  • Feed herself cereal, chew it, and sometimes swallow it!
  • Enjoy munching on crackers and carrots
  • Not mind having her teeth brushed
  • Wear her glasses for several hours at a time
  • Bear crawl
  • Stand with us holding on to her hips
She is also scratching her ears less as she learns to do more things with her hands. It is just beautiful to see. We couldn't be prouder of our beautiful daughter :)


We4Kingz said...

Way to go Lily!!

Helle said...

Love it!

Lily is a champ :)

Jill said...

Awesome! She's doing great!!!

Dianne said...

Such good news. Makes me smile to read your posts.

rosedel said...

Good job! She is doing so well. Hearing about her triumphs makes me smile.