Monday, November 1, 2010

National Adoption Month

I found out yesterday that November is National Adoption Month!
This is such perfect timing as we get started fundraising for Riley's adoption!

You don't have to adopt to participate in raising adoption awareness. Here are some things you can do:
  • Tell your friends and family about Riley!
  • If you have a blog, put a link to this webpage on it or add our button (coming soon...).
  • Post a link to this page on Facebook!
  • Give Riley a birthday gift: He will turn two years old on Dec. 3 and we are having a party!
  • Have an idea for a fundraiser? Please let me know: JessicaLStClair at gmail dot com.
We truly believe that an adoption is a community effort. God never meant for this to be done by two people alone, but rather by a community coming together to bring in a needy child. We wouldn't be adopting if we didn't feel we have the love and support from our community and church family at nlcf.

Absolutely all funds raised for Riley will go to his adoption expenses when it comes time to pick him up. If for whatever reason we are unable to adopt Riley, all the money we raise will stay with him through Reece's Rainbow as a grant to help the next family adopt him.

Will you prayerfully consider giving Riley a birthday gift this month? Even the smallest amount helps (American dollars go a lot farther in Riley's country!). Thanks!

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