Friday, November 5, 2010

Homestudy Interviews Completed!

We have reached a milestone in our homestudy process today: Our home inspection and interviews are done! Our wonderful social worker Clair, from Forever Families, drove down yesterday and met us at our house, took a tour, and did our couples interview. Normally there is a three-week waiting period between the home visit and the individual interviews, and for the individual interviews we would have to travel up to Warrenton, VA to the FF office. However, because we're doing an independent adoption, we don't have the waiting period normally required by adoption agencies. So today Rob and I drove up to meet Clair near her hotel in Roanoke (there were NO rooms to be had in Blacksburg last night due to the VT/GT game!) and we met at a Panera. We took turns with her for the individual interviews and they went really well. I of course talked a lot more than Rob so my interview took longer :).

Our next step is to get alllll the remaining paperwork sent in! We have a lot done already, so that's good. We also have some online adoption coursework to complete. Then Clair will send us a draft of the homestudy report so we can check it over, then the draft will go to Reece's Rainbow for inspection, and THEN our homestudy will be done! Which means THEN we can apply to U.S. Immigration for official government approval to bring Riley home!

Next after that is putting together what's called our "Dossier" to send over to Riley's country for THEIR approval! Phew...I'm tired just thinking about it. One step at a time...eyes on the prize...saving the life of a beautiful child.

On a completely unrelated note, here's a pic of the day:
Neko waking up from a nap on my lap this afternoon :)
This week I have been napping like it's my job because of a sinus infection. I even took the whole day off Tuesday to rest. Luckily I always have one or two kittens to keep me company. I hope Riley is a good napper!

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