Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Are you following along with Lily's Facebook Page?? That's the best place for updates these days!

I'll do a brief recap of the rest of our year:

In June, Lily started going to summer camp at the Blue Ridge Autism & Achievement Center (BRAAC). This is a private school that provides intensive ABA therapy. Lily LOVES school!
Lily's work station at BRAAC
Lily started going to school there full time in the fall. She is doing SO, SO well there! Her progress with ABA therapy has been absolutely amazing.
Chillin' with Ruby
Lily continues to tolerate little sister Ruby fairly well :). Ruby adores her big sister.
We managed to get a family photo for the first time since Ruby was born, hooray!
Ruby is VERY attached to mommy! She's also crawling and pulling to a stand. It won't be long before I have two walkers on my hands, yikes!
We had a nice, quiet Christmas. We don't travel, haha! We did put a tree up for the first time EVER and kept it up for 4 days. Maybe next year we'll try for a full week :)

Lily also just started taking gymnastics lessons, and she loves it.
We are all ready for Christmas break to be over and school to resume! Lily is getting bored at home, haha! Happy New Year to you all!

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